About Us

Our Brand

Welcome to Paw de Boo. We are a team of paw lovers who established this e-commerce brand in 2021, to make our paw boos prettier and happier. This is an online shop where you can find the best goodies for yourself and your paw boos. 

We are proud to work with the manufacturing partners are fully certified and 100% compliant with relevant laws and practices. All of our suppliers have valid ethical audits to ensure workers are paid and treated fairly.


Our Story

Paw de Boo - we believe our paw boos are not just our friends, they are part of our families, and they are in love with us for their whole lives. They deserve better. 

I am Monica, the founder. I used to work for an eco-friendly baby products shop where I noticed the parents are buying the best stuffs for their babies. I was asking myself, our paw babies deserve the best from us too. So, I started to build the Paw de Boo to provide the high quality fashionable pet wares for our paw babies and pawrents. 


Our Value

We are passionate about bringing positive energy to our community. We are beyond excited to be able to donate to local pet shelters, and this would not have been possible without your love. 

We are proud to be committed to continuously minimizing our impact on the planet. All our packings are recyclable with eco-friendly materials. We have gone paperless, you won't get a useless packing slip or invoice with your orders.